Moore Street Plaza is a unique retail development located in the heart of the city. The landmark building occupies a pivotal location acting as a natural gateway into the prime retail area of Henry Street. The shopping precinct of Henry Street, Moore Street and Mary Street is the largest in Ireland with over 2,000,000 sq ft of retail floor space.

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Where to Shop

Moore Street Mall has a variety of shops from many different countries. We specialise in ethnic stores including Brazil , Poland, Lithuania and African countries.

Wheather its getting accessories for your mobile phone or buying some of the latest street fashion. There is a store that will suit your needs.

We also have a flagship store for Moneygram for all your money transfer needs.

What to eat

Variety is the spice of life. The Moore Street Mall has no less than 18 different country food specialities. Ethnic food buffets ranging from vietnamese to Balkan food. The food court caters for every taste and with some healthy food and vegetarian options it's a great place to try out food unlike anywhere else in Dublin

Where to Go

Moore Street Mall is situated in the heart of the 1916 Cultural district where the final stand for independence took place. There are many historical and significant landmarks adjacent to the mall and surrounding streets. Weather youre looking to soak up some of the cultural heritage, have a coffee and pastry or just browse. Moore street mall has it all.